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          Huangshi Sunny Xinye Strip Co.,Ltd is a joint venture of Hubei Xingye Investment Co.,Ltd,Hubei ZhengHan Investment Co., It is a high-tech company professionally engaged in production of pickling steel sheet,cold rolling sheet and its downstream products. It locates in Daye city,which is famous forits rich mineral resources. In addition,it has convenient transportation condition with its north near to Huangshi railway station,west close to national road G106 and highway,while east connecting to Wuhan-Jiujiang railway,and south leaning on Innovation Park of development zone;as well as only 1.5KM far away from the Daye-Guangzhou expressway and 18KM to the Wuhan-huanghsi expressway,Shanghai-chengdu expressway respectively,30KM away to the deep water quay of Huangshi City.Established in April.2010,it occupies an area of 708mu(more than 5.08 million Spuare feet),with total investment CNY 3billion.The first phase project was completed into production on 28,Dec.2011.
         It is build with one 1,200,000 TPY(ton per year)continuous pickling line,one 800,000  TPY 6-high 5-stand tandem cold rolling mill,one 400,000 TPY continuous galvanizing line for hot rolled strip,one 300,000 TPY continuous galvanizing line for cold rolled strip,one 300,000TPY cold-rolled sheet continuous annealing & hot dip galvanizing line,one 200,000 TPY continuous decarburization annealing line for non-oriented silicon steel,150,000 TPY 6-high single stand reversing cold roling mill,both slitting cut line and decoiling & flattening line respectively and accordantly equipped.
          Huangshi Sunny Aluminum & Zinc Strip Co.,Ltd is a wholly-owned holding company of Huangshi Sunny Xingye Strip Co.,Ltd,which locates in Cihu Road of Huangshi Tuan-cheng-shan Development zone;Its construction started in 2003 and began to produce in April.2004,it has both 150,000 TPY continuous galvanizing line for hot rolled strip and 100,000 TPY coloring coating steel strip line.
          Our products and productivity could be stated as follows:400,000 TPY regular spangle galvanied steel coil(including precise galvanizing strip steel),450,000 TPY zero spangle galvanized steel coil;300,000 TPY cold rolled continuous annealing & hot dip galvanizing coil;200,000 TPY Non-oriented silicon steel coil;100,000 TPY color coating steel coil;In addition,Some half-processed products such as cold rolled coil,pickling steel etc are available to our customers.
         It was certified by IOS9001 Quality System and ISO14001 Environmental Management System respectively in 2012. It aims at establishing a modernized enterprist with advanced management scheme and procedures, vigorously promoting lean production management, and constantly strengthening enterprist culture construction, with high quality products and excellent service to all the world. We sincerely hope you can visit our company and look forward to cooperating with you by providing high-quality products and excellent services to all the world.