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Pickling technocal process:
Coil loading->uncoiling->cutting->welding->entry accumulator->scale breaking & levelng->pickling->dryer->skin pass->thickness detection->exit accumulator->edge trimming->oiling->cutting->recoiling->coil unloading->packing

Pickling Line Products:
Thickness:1.5-4.0mm      Width:800-1380mm
I.Dφ610mm                     O.Dφ2000mm
Coil weight:max25t           Telescope error:≤30mm
Sheet Crown≤50um         Tapere shape in section≤20um
Dent≤5um                      Trimming Width:0—+2mm
Technical Parameter:
Pickling Style:Hcl Turbulent Shallow Tank Pickling Thickness Difference Between Two Welding Coils≤30%;Or Thickness Difference On Position Of Weld Seam 1.0mm
Width Difference Between Two Welding Coils≤300mm;
Line Speed:
Entry Section:
Line Speed:Max 220mpm
Max.acceleration/deceleration Speed 35m/min/s
Coil Tail Processing Speed:Max.60mpm
Processing Section:
Process Speed:Max.120mpm
Max.acceleration/deceleration Speed 15M/min/s
Exit Section:
Side Trimmer/recoiler Speed:Max.200mpm
Max.acceleration/deceleration Speed 20M/min/s
Pickling Tank:20m/tank, 3Pcs
Acid Utilities:Hcl 200g/l
Acid Temperature:70-85℃
Spraying And Rinsing:5 Stages