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1, process flow: feeding, opening, looping, intermediate, leveling, cross cutting and palletizing.
2. Raw materials:
A) material: Material: carbon plate Yield strength: sigma s less than 235Mpa
B) inner diameter of coil: 508- 508-
C) outer diameter of coil: less than 1800mm
D) steel plate thickness: 0.5-4mm
E) plate width: less than 1300mm
F) coil weight: less than 6T
3. Processing capability parameters
A) processing specifications Cut length: 300-6000mm
B) production line speed: less than 30m/min
4. Machining accuracy parameters
A) diagonal tolerance: + 2.5mm/m
B) length tolerance: + 2.5mm/m
C) Flatness: because the leveling material is the head and tail material of rolling and equipment configuration, as long as the basic level can be.
5. The power of the production line is about 40kW
6, production line direction and elevation:
Direction: from left to right
Elevation: 800mm
7. The production line covers an area of 16 meters X7.5 meters.
8. The weight of the equipment is about 23T