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1, using work items:
(1) material: pickled plate cold rolled sheet
(2) thickness: 1.2 to 4.5.
(3) width: 800mm to 1300
(4) inner diameter: Phi 508mm, Phi 610mm (with rubber sleeve)
(5) outer diameter: Phi 900mm to 1800mm
(6) weight: 15000 kgs (Max.)
2. Cutting ability:
Number of cuts: maximum 25
Iron band width: minimum 45
Outer diameter of iron coil: maximum Phi 1800
Cutting number of main thickness: 4.5mm * 4cuts    
3.0m/m * 13cuts    
2.0m/m * 23cuts
Iron coil inner diameter: Phi 508mm
Iron coil weight: Max 15000kgs
Tolerance: iron band width: less than or equal to 0.1 mm
Sickle bend: width >300mm:0.5mm/M
Width (side bend) <300mm:1.0mm/M
The above tolerances are aligned with the cut flat flat steel plate and the front and rear dividers are aligned.
Burr: < 0.05 mm, or steel plate thickness of 5% (thickness of more than 1 mm) to the average speed slitting, and sharp blade and sharp blade clearance shall prevail.
Product error margin: + 1 mm
3, work line speed:
running speed: 120 meters / minute (constant speed)
4, power supply: 50 Hz, 380 volts. < operation power 220V>
5, operation direction: right drive (operator facing the unit running center line, transmission equipment on the right side)